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Starcom-Yahoo Team on Data to Find Audiences

LAS VEGAS — Starcom’s recent deal with Yahoo that gives the agency access to the portal’s first-party data to help find the right audiences for content is this sort of partnership can shift the traditional models around, says Mark Pavia, EVP/Digital Managing Director for Starcom USA, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. By using data to determine the content to create and distribute, content can be powered with audience data from the get-go so that it can reach the right audiences.

“If you enable content with underlying data, marketers should be able to seek out audiences and build up a database to understand who’s responding and which ads are producing the greatest results,” he says. “Flipping that model will dramatically change discoverability.” Starcom is currently working with Yahoo to roll out this platform to help find the ideal audience for videos and the accompanying ads. “The biggest opportunity is in breaking or extending the TV models,” he says, adding that multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of online video in delivering brand metrics.