Fostering creativity in his family was essential after their tragic loss.   It helped Kevin Krim and his wife Marina and their surviving daughter.  It motivated them to honor the short but creative lives of Lucia (Lulu) and Leo.  It turned grief into a movement and the formation of a charitable foundation that offers a creative living curriculum to schools and community organizations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Fostering creativity, is not just about artistic expression, but about creative living and leadership, as Krim explains in this video interview with Beet.TV

On June 3 in Manhattan, the Foundation will host the first “Choose Creativity Awards.”   Among the honorees will be Kristin Lemkau, CMO of J.P. Morgan Chase, chosen for her “authentic leadership” in business, Krim tells Beet.TV

Entertainment will be provided by Melissa Etheridge.  The events sponsors are ASCAP, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, NBCU and WarnerMedia.  Tickets are available here.

The Choose Creativity Awards are the first of their kind to celebrate and honor the world’s most inspiring and impactful creators. The awards are unique in transcending fields and industries — spanning the arts and sciences, technology and education. The awards show will inspire and entertain, while promoting creativity’s critical role throughout our communities, economy and society. Videos and live speeches will tell the soaring stories of the Choose Creativity awardees.  

Krim is a longtime senior digital media executive at Yahoo, Bloomberg, CNBC, and is now CEO of EDO.  We reported on his work and his company in this recent post.