CANNES – She may have just landed from Nielsen, but that doesn’t mean Jessica Hogue doesn’t think the world of TV ad measurement is fine stuck in the worlds of panels and demographics.

After a 12-year stint at the media measurement firm which ended with being SVP for its digital client solutions team, Hogue this May left to join interactive TV ad enabler Innovid in a new role, GM measurement & analytics.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hogue says the way TV audiences are measured is due an upgrade.

“I certainly think that it needs to change,” she says. “I think anyone would agree with that, including my colleagues and other Nielsen alumni. In fact, Nielsen is very much pursuing and driving some of that change.

“The question is, for what outcome?”

Hogue says core fundamentals like reach and frequency won’t necessarily change.

But this is a world where marketers are trying to deliver personalized ads, targets ads, needing an extra data layer, one that cuts across channels but remains privacy-compliant.

All tough challenges, Hogue suggests: “(There is) still work to do there so that it’s a real ecosystem.”

The importance of measurement is seemingly illustrated by the fact that Innovid made this new role.

“I’ve been there for a couple months, so still in exploration mode,” Hogue says.

“CTV (connected TV) hits on all the boxes – upper funnel, lower funnel performance. We’re just, in the moment right now, powering a lot of insights to bring some industry knowledge to that, and then we’ll continue to develop product and data to allow marketers to optimize.”

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