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Streaming TV to Lead CES as Kassan Keynotes with Warner’s Sarnoff

LOS ANGELES – MediaLink has been an essential part of CES for many years: from its jam-packed parties, to VIP panel sessions  — and for its hundreds of business development meetings for its clients.

This year, with CES all virtual, MediaLink is  all in, albeit in a very different way, including a gala “party” on January 12 where invited guests will be “avatars” of sorts, says Michael Kassan, CEO and Chairman, in this interview with Beet.TV.

Kassan prefers to refer the event as a “networking opportunity.”  But it should be fun, he adds, with a performance by Billie Eilish and a fireside chat with Ryan Seacrest and Dua Lipa.  The event is being co-presented by Bob Pittman of iHeart.

For the first time, MediaLink is partnering on programming the C-Space with CES’s parent organization.

Kassan is doing of the most anticipated keynotes with Ann Sarnoff, CEO of WarnerMedia Studios about the dramatic changes in entertainment during the pandemic and how the industry has changed.

Programming Note: After we taped this video, we did an extended podcast recording on many industry changes and forecasts.  We will publish on January 11 on the #BeetCast here on Beet.TV and on your favorite podcast service.