Trusted Local News Is The Next Scale Increment: OMD’s Mirsky

CANNES — At this point in the evolution of media, many major-brand advertisers are looking far beyond local news as a marketing channel. To many, news itself has become a problematic channel, whilst the increased scale offered by national or global distribution has proved more attractive. But some of that could be about to change, […]


Advertisers Broke Local News, Can They Fix It? United For News’ Jenen

CANNES — Many observers saw the future destruction coming. Craigslist’s local ads posed a clear threat to classifieds, social networks presented rival sources for community news; all began long ago. Still, local news publishers, when they were in the throes of attempting to build their own digital platform, often found it hard to see that […]


Beyond Metrics, Brands Want Longer, Slower Relationship: Nielsen’s Krepsik

CANNES — They say “When you are holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” But some at media measurement company Nielsen don’t necessarily think measurement is the solution to every brand problem. Case in point – the company’s global head of analytics Matt Krepsik thinks brands should actually look beyond merely media measurement, and […]


Ad Tech & Content Tech Should Be The Same:’s

CANNES — In media environments, the historic separation between “church and state” – editorial and commercial – has long served newsrooms well. But what if emerging technology imperatives said that both sides could now benefit more from shared interest? “When you look at the kind of the technologies that underpin this entire industry, you’ve always […]


The Recipe For Performance TV: TCA’s Wollet

Once upon a time, TV’s mass reach and limited analytics meant the the box in the corner of the living room was a top-of-funnel, brand-building marketing medium. But a new generation of technology, a new wave of direct-to-consumer brands and a strategic re-awakening at ad agencies are changing that story. In this video interview with […]


Brands Like Bose Wants Flexible, All-Platform Ads: Kremser

CANNES — Brands these days aren’t asking for much – just the ability to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time, across all media channels, globally and in real-time. If that seems like a tall order, there is still a growing array of publishers and ad-tech vendors seeking to give […]


‘New Home For Vice News’ Coming Soon: Vice’s Delport

There must be something about the air in Cannes that brings out a certain positivity. Vice Media arrived at the Cannes Lions advertising gathering in June with HBO having cancelled Vice News Tonight and Disney having written off its investment in the company. But, speaking with Beet.TV, the outfit’s international and global chief revenue officer […]


Finding The Umbrella For Advanced TV: Omnicom’s Steuer & Nielsen’s Abcarian

CANNES — Smart TVs offer amazing new opportunities to target viewers at the household level – but getting your head around what is still a fragmented and evolving ecosystem is a bit like herding cats. In a sit-down discussion at Cannes Lions, Tracey Scheppach – who encountered that challenge over years spent specialising in smart […]


Nielsen O’Grady Plans New UK Addressable Offering

Smaller national media markets are nimbler and offer more opportunity, so media measurer Nielsen plans to bring its new advanced TV offering to the UK. So says the recently-appointed global MD of Nielsen Media. Matt O’Grady just relocated to London after a decade with the company in New York. Nielsen recently acquired Sorenson Media, the […]


French Broadcaster M6 Readies For Addressable Explosion: Younes

CANNES — European broadcasters know they desperately want to enable the delivery of so-called addressable TV advertising, the advertising tactic which allows custom ad swap-outs targeted at individual households or viewers. But two of Europe’s biggest markets actually have limits on the practice: In Germany, strict privacy regulation means broadcasters can’t use personal information to […]


Media Need Partnerships To Find Scale: RTL AdConnect’s Bischoff

CANNES – Across Europe, in multiple media industries, what once were competitors are coming together, forming a variety of ad sales cooperatives in a bid to pool inventory they hope can match the vast scale of Google and Facebook. That is stark contrast to the US, where many media houses remain in competition with both […]


Machine Learning Speeds Up Action: NCS’ Dupree

CANNES — In the year of its tenth anniversary, and after five years working on the technology, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) is bolting on machine learning to some of its existing services. NCS is the unit which uses consumer data to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies target ads more effectively. Coinciding with Cannes Lions, […]


As Roku Pulls Away, Gap Between OTT Viewing & Ads Must Be Closed

CANNES – Over-the-top (OTT) TV viewing is exploding. Now OTT operators need to see their advertising revenue increase at the same pace. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tariq Mahmoud, Roku head of international sales and strategy, describes a disconnect he expects will be closed in the next few years. ‘There’s this delta right now […]


Linear TV Loves Programmatic: Hearts & Science’s Pagliuca

The collection of modern, automated ad trading practices known as “programmatic” may seem to sit squarely with natively digital media and with on-demand video. But, little by little, other platforms are getting lit up with these new tricks, too – even good ‘ol linear TV. “On the linear side, (we) really have been focused on […]


Sky’s The Limit For Comcast’s Advanced TV At Scale: Jamie West & Denise Colella

CANNES — When Comcast acquired European satellite TV provider Sky last year, it didn’t just get a leading continental telco and TV operator; it also got one of the world’s earliest addressable TV pioneers. Sky launched AdSmart back in 2014, using its own customer data to analyze viewers on advertisers’ behalf and sending household-specific linear TV ads […]


The Evolution Of Digital Identity: 4INFO’s Tangredi

CANNES — Over the last year, one new set of technology has risen in ad-tech buzzphrase prominence – the “identity graph’. But, what is an identity graph and why does it matter? Simply, an identity graph is the collection of data points from disparate devices that, when pieced together, add up to indicate a single […]


Xandr’s Beaumier Aims To Mix Upfront & Real-Time TV Ad Sales

CANNES — In the rapidly-expanding kingdom of AT&T, Xandr, its unit for facilitating advanced TV ad buying, is playing a stronger role. Almost exactly a year after AT&T acquired ad-tech platform AppNexus, it has just rebadged AppNexus’ demand-side platform (DSP) as “Xandr Invest”, and allowed ad buyers to to target viewers using AT&T’s first-party data […]


Washington Post CRO: Subscription Model Means More Engaged Consumers for Advertisers

CANNES — If you thought that putting up a news paywall shut out advertisers, think again. Time after time, newspapers which have made the switch – at least, the big ones – have hailed a stronger offering for advertising brands, not a diluted one. That has been one discovery of Joy Robins, four months after joining […]


Ad Buyers Need Video Scores: MediaMath’s Fisher

CANNES — In 2019, “brand safety” is still a watchword for ad buyers who want to place their ads against the right kinds of content, and not get tripped up by cringeworthy juxtapositions. That is why MediaMath, a digital ad-buying platform, has just teamed up with IRIS.TV, a video technology vendor, to provide a “sentiment […]


Fremantle Flexes Its Ad Sales Muscles, Glynne Says

Most viewers have never heard of it, but it is one of the biggest TV production houses in the world – and now Fremantle Media is also becoming an ad sales vehicle. Fremantle, owned by the RTL Group of Europe, produces hit entertainment franchises like American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. Mostly, of course, those shows […]

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